There is a 6-month-old Maine Coon named Bella looking outside the sliding front door of the dome house that she is in. All of a sudden, her owner, Wesley, just got a new spool of yarn, just for little Bella to play with. 

She is attracted by the yarn and looks at Wesley with her gigantic watery pupils. Suddenly, Bella lunges at Wesley's feet to get the yarn. Wesley is laughing as Bella wrestles with the soft red yarn. She is squeaking because she's so happy that she gets to play with yarn of her favorite color, red.

Wesley then asks Bella to come to the kitchen so he can give her some fresh catnip. So, Bella throws her yarn aside to sniff the catnip. Within seconds, Bella is rolling around on the wooden kitchen floor. Wesley is giggling and filming Bella with his phone.

Finally, Wesley gives Bella some wet salmon-flavored cat food. She races to the sink, where the paper plate of food is located, and gobbles up the food like there is no tomorrow.

"My gosh, isn't she a cutie?"


Little one