Little,Poor Max
It Was A Sad Day At The Lookout For Tyler

Ryder: hey Tyler Are you ok.

Tyler: Crying No i miss Max.

Ryder. I'm Sorry if he Was Back Here i will Let Him Stay But He is Gone.

Chase: Tyler Are You Ok?

Tyler: No i miss Max A lot.

Chase: Me Too Crying.

Ryder; Thinks Why Did I Tell Him Not To Come Back Ever.

Rocky; Hey Max.

Max: Hey Rocky How is Everyone?

Rocky: Bad Tyler Is Crying  He Miss You Lots.

Max : I Miss Him To But I Cant Come Back Ryder Said So.

Rocky: i will Talk to Ryder.

Max : Thanks.

Rocky: Hey Ryder Max Is On The TV he Want To Come Back .

Ryder: he Does Tell Him Yes.

Rocky: Hey Max.

Max: Yes?

Rocky: You Can Come Back Ryder Says Ok.

Max: Yay.

(Max is At the lookout)

Max: Hey Tyler.

Tyler: Max! I missed You So much.

Max: i missed You Too. (Hugs)

Bob: Hey Max.

Max: Hey bob i missed You .

Bob: I missed You Too.

Ryder: Hey Max.

Max: Ryder look I'm Sorry For What i Did I dint Mean it.

Ryder: Its Ok i am Happy Your Back..

Chase: Hey Max.

Max: Hey Chase.

Max: is There To Stay The End Max Goodbye